Who We Are

In matters concerning mental health for blacks, you can look to The Go To Therapists. We are an online directory of therapists dedicated to mental health issues within the black community . Our aim is to create a physical presence in those communities by serving and meeting the people where they are, allowing them to feel comfortable enough to receive and value mental health services.

Our Therapists work together with community agencies, create community programs and work with each other to serve their local communities. Each month they leave the norms of office life in an effort to bridge the gap between mental health services and the community. Each member shares in the creation of service projects.

About the Founder

The Go To Therapists was founded by Mathew Jean, LMFT (center). Before founding The Go To Therapists, LLC, Mat served in various capacities in the mental health field in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. Currently, Mat is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working out of West Palm Beach at Gratitude House.

Mat was always passionate about community service. He has volunteered at elementary, middle and high schools, juvenile centers and men’s prisons in Florida and Alabama. His passion for service and career path came full circle in creating The Go To Therapists, LLC, a place where therapists can work together with community agencies and other professionals to serve the local black communities. This is all in effort to bridge the gap between mental health services and the overwhelming need within the black community.

Fathiyyah Doster, MS

Fathiyyah (second from left) is the Chief Operations Officer of TGTT and the owner of JuiceDefined, LLC. She received her Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida and went on to complete her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College in 2009. After experiencing preeclampsia and as a result of that, experiencing kidney failure, she was able to mesh her profession and her new found passion for nutrition into one, creating her very own juicing company, extracting natural juice from fresh fruit and vegetables. Her main goal is to encourage our community to take more responsibility for our health and healing through improved nutrition.

Fathiyyah also specializes in addictions counseling and treatment where she has spent over 8 years of her professional career working in outpatient and residential treatment facilities helping men, women and adolescents with different addictions to maintain sobriety and wellness, regain confidence, transition back into the community and restart their lives.

Nakya Reeves, LMFT

In addition to serving as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for The Go To Therapists, LLC, Nakya is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She owns and operates a private therapy practice called Creative Solutions Therapy, working with individuals, couples, and families in Broward County.

Nakya received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame and shortly after, obtained a Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. Throughout her time working in the South Florida community, Nakya has worked with individuals and families in many capacities, including providing trauma-informed therapy to children who were displaced following the earthquake in Haiti, helping families of substance-abusing teens to rebuild their relationships, and organizing community events focused on breaking the stereotypes surrounding society’s view of masculinity vs. emotional expressiveness in men and other mental health topics. She brings her experiences in the community and dedication to helping others to her position at The Go To Therapists.

Jonathan Gustave

Jonathan (far right) is the Outreach Coordinator for TGTT. He is also the Cofounder of PureCouples ministry where he educates and helps to build up young married couples concerning the things of marriage and family life. He has held workshops for universities, groups and churches about the importance of dating, the sanctity of marriage and family relations. Additionally, he attended Oakwood University where he received his BS in Religious Education. Moreover, he is the former assistant fundraising director and community leader for the National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS) where he’s led out in community outreach efforts in low income areas in Huntsville, AL. During his time in NAPS, he was able to visit over 100 detention centers across the country, was involved in foreign relations where he visited countries such as Haiti and Malawi, Africa. He is currently enrolled at NOVA Southeastern University where he is pursuing a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Rachel Celestin

Rachael (far left) is the Administrative Secretary here at The Go To Therapists. As such, she executes discrete and tactful duties to ensure that our company’s day to day needs are met. She is a current undergraduate student at Florida International University where she is majoring in Psychology. She plans to further her education in Speech Language Pathology.


For Individuals, Couples, Marriage, Family and Group Therapy

Our Mental health professionals are among the most qualified and experienced in the field.


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